Furnishing for Shanghai Based Clients, Takapuna, Auckland

Our clients had recently purchased a stunning 5 bedroom lake front home in Takapuna and approached Trinity to project manage an interior refresh including painting, new carpet and window treatments as well as designing an outdoor kitchen. Our clients also asked that we completely furnish the home to reflect our ‘kiwi’ lifestyle. This included both premade and custom designed furniture pieces, rugs, art and accessories. The clients’ expectations were to arrive and open the door to a completely finished ‘home’.

We only met the clients once throughout the process, as they were based in Shanghai, however there was considerable communication with them on the design as well as with their client liaison based in New Zealand.

Trinity managed the entire process of design, selection and project management of trades people, procurement, delivery and installation.

‘After purchasing a house in Takapuna, Auckland, I had never stopped searching for professional people or designers to design, renew and refurnish it until Trinity appeared and shined my eyes. Trinity was nominated as plenipotentiary representative when its power in interior design and product sourcing was fully recognized. This decision was apparently wise when I and my family returned back to NZ from overseas. Colour selections are clever, particularly dark down stair floor looks quite bright. Newly designed outdoor kitchen and facilities give garden art and looks more lovely than before. Custom designed and premade furniture have been put at their right positions with reasonable and beautiful layout while cannily selected accessories and paintings match the space and carpet so well which is totally out of my imagination. Efficiency and hardworking is another product of Trinity provided, needless to say Trinity’s spirit in budget control for its clients.

Very impressed and what an amazing experience with Trinity girls.

- Joseph

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