Emily Goodwin | Interior Designer

Emily’s experience comes from an education in architecture followed by nine years working in interior design at a high-end interior design studio, a commercial architectural & interiors office, working for herself, before finally joining Trinity. She has worked on a variety of different style projects across different genres (residential, office commercial, retail and hospitality) giving her a broad range of design skills, and she has been lucky enough to win a few awards along the way.

Emily enjoys variety and the challenge of providing a new and unique solution to each and every design brief. She finds collaborating with residential clients to be inspiring and rewarding because of the process of interpreting some-one else’s personal style (or style aspirations) and then seeing it through into their home/built environment.

Interiors designed by Emily tend to be layered using colour, textures, patterns and different styles so that they are more than just one dimensional, and they invite LIVING. Emily lives by the adages:  “An object must be beautiful, useful or loved” and “more is more”... however Emily is also sensitive to the budget that is set and will work to achieve the desired end result within whatever constraints are made, and without sacrificing the smaller details or quality.

Emily Goodwin

- Emily Goodwin