Kate Paterson | Interior Designer

Kate graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Design in 2004, from there she moved to London where she worked for four years with a highly recognised Interior Design firm.  During her time in London she was involved in numerous high-end residential projects, from the conceptual stage right through to completion. Kate feels that a key to her success was her ability to develop and sustain strong relationships with her clients. 
Kate’s eclectic design style reinforces her belief that the designer should not be imposing on a client, instead translate a brief and work in collaboration with the client’s needs to create an interior that gives a sense of identity and one that can evolve.  Kate believes the functionality of a space should be balanced with the warmth of human feelings and senses to assist in creating a space that is comfortable and in line with both work and play.
From her professional experience in London Kate has developed excellent design and project management skills. The design industry in the UK and Europe has provided Kate with inspiration and has enthused Kate to further develop her career back home in New Zealand, where there is a wealth of talented local designers and quality suppliers.

Kate Webster

- Kate Paterson