NICOLE MCKENZIE - Trinity Interior Design



Nicole was once a client of Trinity Interior Design. She saw something special in the studio when she purchased it in 2006, using her expertise as a CEO for an IT company to steer it to where it is today. With an esteemed career in sales and marketing, she is passionate about providing exceptional client experience and delivering quality service.

Nicole’s vision was for a team of highly-skilled, personable designers to deliver on the design aspect while providing excellent backup and support. Both have been vital for the success of each project Trinity works on.

While overseeing projects to ensure both the design and financial expectations are met, Nicole also builds on relationships with architects, builders and a wide network of suppliers. All of these contribute to the successful outcome of Trinity’s projects.

SARAH SHEILD - Trinity Interior Design


Administration Manager

Sarah comes from a background in sales, marketing, design and administration, and has been in the industry since 2004. She also designed and developed a unique range of furniture and launched her own business, Paper Room, in 2009, which she sold in 2017. Sarah has a strong focus on delivering an exceptional level of service to clients. With her friendly and approachable manner Sarah puts high importance on ensuring that Trinity clients have an enjoyable and positive experience.

LAUREN COOK - Trinity Interior Design



Lauren’s experience is diverse, spanning a senior corporate marketing and communications career before running her own corporate event management business. Her passion for house interior design has also led to the project management of many residential interiors projects. Outstanding customer experience, and highly effective management of complex projects, lie at the heart of all of those roles. Lauren’s easy-to-work-with style and attention to detail make her a perfect fit with Trinity’s client focused approach.

JAYNE TOLLEY - Trinity Interior Design


Interior Designer

Jayne obtained her Diploma in Interior Design in 2004. She admires and is passionate about all things design. Her design process while concept driven, aims to always be practical, gained through experience and working closely with architects and builders to achieve well thought through integrated spaces. Jayne takes time getting to know her clients’ and to help them achieve a stylish and functional solution that will stand the test of time and make them feel “at home”.

KATE PATERSON - Trinity Interior Design


Interior Designer

Kate graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Design in 2004, working in London before joining Trinity Interior Design in 2010. Kate believes her role is to work in collaboration with her client to create an interior design that has a true sense of identity that not only looks beautiful but also feels good to spend time in. Kate is passionate about what she does and has a sharp eye for detail and an acute sense of materiality and texture. Above all Kate realises the importance of building trusting relationships with her clients.

PHILIPPA WHITAKER - Trinity Interior Design


Interior Designer

Philippa’s experience in NZ Interior design industry includes working both internationally and within New Zealand on residential and commercial projects. With a design degree in Interior Architecture, graduating in 2003, she has a vast technical knowledge and an eye for detail which is reflected in her designs. Her clients find her friendly, with an open approach, that allows them to enjoy the design process and achieve an end result that relates to their personality.

ALEXANDRA REAN - Trinity Interior Design


Interior Designer

Alexandra graduated with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and a Master of Architecture (Professional) from Unitec in 2013. Following this she gained experience in Auckland and London, specialising in interior architecture across residential, commercial and hospitality. Alexandra is technically strong, and marries this with a considered design process. She believes internal spaces are where we interact with architecture the most, so designs should reflect this and be beautiful, functional spaces to be enjoyed.

PAULINE MCPHERSON - Trinity Interior Design


Interior Designer

Pauline graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design in 2005 and has over 10 years’ professional experience in Residential, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality design.  Her experience in working with Architects has allowed her to gain extensive knowledge in the design and build process. Pauline believes listening is the key to creating a home that defines a client’s personal taste and dedicates her efforts in customising the right interior finish for the homeowner.